Glitch Gamer aims to be a comprehensive and documented source for game exploits, glitches, bugs, mistakes and other forms of errors. It is driven by a community of passionate gamers who document this interesting form of gaming. Recording, confirming or debunking glitches in games extends the life and excitement of any game because new glitches are being found all the time, in games that are over 20 years old at this point. Unlike some other glitch sites, we organize everything by game, by glitch, in a neatly ordered article with sources, images, videos and more. Also, unlike other glitch sites, anybody who is registered is able to take part in building our database of glitches through writing posts or submitting them. Want to learn more on how to do this? View the How-to page.

A glitch will be confirmed if:

  • There’s video proof.
  • There’s screenshoot proof.
  • Two or more people report the same glitch.
  • Comes from a trustworthy source and/or no reason for suspicion of maliciousness.

Otherwise, the glitch will be prefixed with “Unconfirmed:” and the post will contain the tag “Unconfirmed”.

Glitches with an unknown or unconfirmed cause will be prefixed with “Unknown Causes:” and the post will contain the tag “Unknown Causes”.

Patched or fixed glitches (that the developers created) will be archived with version information if applicable and prefixed with “Fixed:” and the post will contain the tag “Fixed”.

Glitches and bugs that don’t have a lot of information attached with them, either with how to do it (incomplete steps), or it’s not clear on what happens are prefixed with “Missing Information:” and the post will contain the tag “Missing Information”.

Theories and questions might spring up from performing bugs and glitches, these are prefixed with “Questions & Theories:” and the post will contain the tag “Questions & Theories”. These are usually posted by me, but they can appear from people’s comments as well on the game’s comment page.

Editors’ Picks and Featured Articles will be picked based on the comprehensive documentation and overall quality of a game page.

Happy Glitching!

About the Author

Well look at this? Another gaming site project? I must have all the time in the world! (sarcasm alert) On a serious note, this site hopes to be an extremely comprehensive source and collaboration project for documenting video game glitches, bugs and other errors. Filled with info, sources, pictures and videos.