Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (N64) (PS) (PC)

Grinder Glitch

Unconfirmed: Missing Information: To perform this glitch, you must first start a game in practice mode, then select Minatek for your character, and any other character for your opponent, although ZipperHead works the best. Select the level with the grinders and sawblades in it (the second one from the left on the bottom row on the level select screen). To do this glitch, you need to know Minatek’s mutilation move, “Lunging Bite” (B, B+LP).

Make sure that the CPU reaction is set to stand when the game commences. Now push the opponent in front of one of the grinders. They should not go in, but should start shaking. Now do Minatek’s mutilation move. If done right, in mid-kill, when Minatek is stabbing your opponent through the chest, he should get sucked into the grinder. Your opponent should now be placed in the middle of the arena, if you take a look at where your opponent was before going into the grinder, he will be floating in the air for a brief period, then get his head bitten off while still in the air.

Questions & Theories: Can this be done with other mutilation moves? Does it have to be in practice mode?

by Robert Alan Suarez (Source)

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