Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

Naughty Rambi Glitch

In Jungle Hijinxs, jump on the Rambi box that is past the checkpoint barrel, and go back to the beginning. Leave Rambi by the beginning and get the steel keg. Throw the barrel and jump onto it (press and hold Y during that time), and when you’re past Rambi, press B so that you jump back on Rambi, then stop pressing the Y button and you’ll see Rambi turn into a “metallic” Donkey Kong. To turn back into Rambi, press any action button (like jumping), or getting hit by an enemy. Using these instructions, you will be able to see Donkey Kong performing a “mounted jumping” animation repeatably, making it appear though as Donkey Kong is “humping” the metallic-version of himself. There’s also another way to do it which does not trigger this animation and is to do with the timing of the button presses (as shown in the video below).

Questions & Theories: Some questions still remain about this glitch though. Will this work on other animals besides Rambi? Is there any other spots where you can throw a steel barrel against a wall to jump on to one of the other animals to perform the same tactic? It’s assumed that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong go grey in color because Rambi is grey, so does this mean other animals will produce different colors? Even if there’s no spot available to test these theories, what about switching Rambi with another animal using Pro Action Replay or emulation cheating to see what happens?

by RedSouthCity (Video) and AguFungus (Video)

Fly in Mine Cart Carnage

In Mine Cart Carnage, go through the stage and get the continue barrel, then jump down a hole or get hit. While you begin to come out of the continue barrel, rapidly press Y and then B in sequence continuously, as if you were rolling and then jumping. When Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong comes out of the barrel, they will be performing rolls and then jumps over and over in the air which causes them to fly. Keep pressing the pattern to keep flying.

Questions & Theories: Does it work in other stages?

by Chris Estes (Source)

Infinite Lives

On the level, Millstone Mayhem, using Diddy Kong, go right and you will soon encounter a Krusha. Lead Krusha to the beginning of the level into the area you entered the level in. Jump on Krusha as he walks to the left wall of the ditch and hold down right on the D-pad. If done right, Diddy Kong will bouce off Krusha continuously, creating a source of potential infinite lives.

by Super Mario Wiki (Source)

Nega Warp Glitch

For this glitch, you will need both Diddy and Donkey Kong. On the level, “Temple Tempest”, go to the bonus room with the vultures. Walk straight into the first vulture, which should paralyze your character, switching you to your second character, which ever it happens to be. Now kill the first vulture and drop straight down the hole against the wall. This will warp you back to the very first level. Most likely in the game’s programming, this is the failsafe warp when something goes wrong and it doesn’t know how to interpret the situation.

by ghonszah (Video)

More Rambi Weirdness

First go into a course that has an animal buddy in a bonus area. Collect an animal buddy either in the main level (if there is one) or get one from the bonus stage and exit. Now go back into the bonus stage while riding the animal buddy. Get on the animal buddy inside the bonus stage once again, but jump off this time, and then leave. Once you exit, you’ll be riding Rambi! Try it on Bouncy Bananza and Orangatan Gang for easy results.

by David Wonn (Source)

Over the Ice Glitch

As stated by the source, this glitch will only work with on all revisions except American 1.2. This appears to be a level tile overlook of some sort made by the developers. As most seasoned DKC players should know, Slipslide Ride has three bonus stages. Two are accessed by breaking holes in the wall. The third and final bonus in the level is a barrel cannon located in an open crevice in the ceiling over the first gap after the patch in the ground that contains the Enguarde token. You access this bonus by quickly going backwards on the last blue rope to the 2nd to the last blue rope over the Zinger. This will lead you straight to the bonus level. Unlike DKC’s sequels, you cannot access a true bonus stage more than once. In this case, the barrel cannon will no longer be there when you return to the main level after the bonus stage. So, you go back to where the bonus barrel was and once you’ve reached the highest point, you jump to the left as far as you can. You’ll end up going OVER the left wall, grabbing the closest blue rope, and effectively going through the wall. You can also do this on the right wall, but with less disastrous results. In American, 1.2, apparently the tiles that you jump through to get over the walls are made solid, which prevents you from performing this glitch.

Keep in mind that, as this movie demonstrates, that you might have some trouble getting back onto the blue ropes when you return after the bonus level because the ropes won’t appear. Probably a “too many sprites” bug, which is remedied by moving away from where the blue ropes are and than returning.

by TheKirby1 (Video)

World Map Warp Glitch

In the very first world, when Donkey and Diddy are wandering around the map, there is a section right before you enter the right half of the world where the path they walk on (the dotted lines) has several corners. I actually believe it is right after Cranky’s house. Well, as your character passes over these corners, you need to pretty much mash the A, B, and Y buttons, as well as the L and R buttons… heck, just hit EVERY button, and, if timed right, the screen will fade out.

When it comes back in, you’ll come out of a barrel in the middle of a stage in the middle of the third world! This trick always seemed to work best when I only had one character (i.e. Diddy, no Donkey; Donkey, no Diddy), and it can also be performed (with different results) wherever there is a corner on the map screen. To do this easily with two characters, go to Funky’s Flights so that you appear as one plane.

by Ryan Murray (Source)

Roll Through Krusha

Using the correct timing and placement, you are able to roll right through Krusha enemies.

by Zimion32 (Video)

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