Ghosts ‘n Goblins (NES)

Run Through Walls, Forever

While catching door keys on ladders, you are able to “pause” the game’s animation sequence that makes you run into the door after catching the key. If you continue to move down the ladder, instead of up, in the case of the level 5 (as shown in the video), you are able to continue moving through the level indefinitely, even moving past the final stage and encounter some malfunctioning graphics. This is done automatically without your control as it is trying to complete the animation that makes you run inside the door. You are able to do this level 3, 5, and 6. For the level 3 glitch to work, you have to jump below the ledge after getting the key instead of moving down a ladder.

by molitva2007 (Video)

Invisible Damage

Sometimes you can appear to be taking damage from invisible sources. According to the source, “The best I can tell, invisible damage happens when you scroll the game too quickly and it doesn’t have time to designate the space you are going to as a “safe” section. It’s a glitch in the game and it can really suck. I’ve encountered it before the dragon boss in stage 3 and on the “poison ladder” in stage 6.”

by James Dziezynski (Source)

Jump Through Wall

In level 2, when jumping over a gap, you are able to land partially inside a wall when landing using the right spot for landing.

Questions & Theories: Is this possible in other gaps and walls?

by jobouchard99 (Video)

Broken Timer

For this glitch, you need to use the easter egg that turns you into a frog. This is done by shooting a tombstone 15 times in a row and having the angel hit you with her bolt that she throws after appearing.

If you time your 15th hit on the tombstone so that the frog spell hits you as the time runs out, but before the death animation stops, the 0 in the minutes space of the timer will change indefinitely in a fixed sequence every minute to a different number, letter, symbol or other glitchy, random graphics. Arthur or the frog will also be disfigured and the music will stop. This glitch will last until Arthur dies or completes the level.

Missing Information: What does it mean by “disfigured?”. Also, if you die when the timer runs out, does this happen before or after being revived?

by ? (Souce)

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