Shadowrun (SNES)

Arena Corner Glitch

With several of the arena fighters, you may be able to “freeze” the fighters in order to attack them without being damaged. Run directly left to the arena corner as soon as the fight starts. The fighter will eventually wander of there but their rate of fire may be decreased and may run around slower. If the fighter disappears from the screen for more than 10 seconds, the fighter is now “frozen”. To see if this is the case, slowly inch to the right until you see the fighter partially on the screen. You can proceed to shoot at will as the fighter stands there motionless. Do not move too far over or the fighter will become “reanimated” and resume attacking you. This has been confirmed to work with Heavy Dude (#2), Mage (#1) (not reliably), and The King.

by The Admiral (Source)

Infinite Nuyen

You can earn an infinite amount of nuyen from the Vampire at the Dark Blade mansion. Each time you pass through the portal in Bremerton, the Vampire is resurrected. Return to the Dark Blade mansion and kill him as you did the first time. When defeated, the Vampire will give you 5,000 nuyen again! Now, return to Bremerton and make your way through the ship, into the alternate dimension, and back to the Jester’s Room. Pass through the portal that descends and the Vampire will revive again, repeating the cycle!

There are numerous bugs that players have reported that are associated with this trick. Most of them revolve around the fact that the game removes the Strobes from your inventory once you go to the Drake Volcano for the first time. Whether it’s a version difference or a bug, there are some times when you can retrieve the Strobes from the Jagged Nails Club again and some times when you can’t, meaning you cannot execute the trick. There is no known work around for this or any real clarity on the cause.

In all cases, you should still be able to pull off this trick an infinite number of times before you head to the Volcano for the first time, which is when it is most useful anyway. Make sure you’ve fully upgraded all your gear by then and you should be well set for the rest of the game.

by The Admiral (Source)

Gold Naga Karma/Fighting Glitch

This glitch involves the Gold Naga on the sub-level 4 of the Volcano.  If you do not pick up the Serpent Scales, the Gold Naga will return every time you revisit the screen.  The Gold Naga will give you 6-7 karma each time you kill it, making this the fastest place in the game to earn karma. If you intend to earn karma from this foe, it is better off if you wait until after defeating Drake than attempting to do it on your first visit.  For one, it can be very magic consuming and there is no easy way to recover other than to go all the way back through Drake Tower. Secondly, if you return later you can come back with better weaponry, which makes the Naga a lot easier. Note that once you pick up the Serpent Scales, you can never fight the Gold Naga again.

There is a great glitch that can work in your favor to make fighting the Gold Naga incredibly easy.  If you re-renter the screen from the back, behind the Gold Naga, there is a chance you can catch the foe “off guard” before the game activates it and has a chance to load its HP correctly. When this happens, the Gold Naga dies in a single shot. It can be hard for Jake to time this, but Shadowrunners will seem to pull it off every time. This makes earning the final amounts of karma significantly easier. If you go this route with a Shadowrunner, Frogtongue is a great choice given his relatively high defense and cost effectiveness.

by The Admiral (Source)

Akimi Hiring Crash

When you can get Akimi, you can hire one more shadowrunner than your charisma lets you. Meaning with your default rating of 3, you can have a team of three, and with charisma at 4 or 5 you can have a full team of four shadowrunners.

To do this, call Akimi first and ask to hire her. Before meeting her at the Daley Station, hire as many shadowrunners your charisma permits. The charisma rating just determines whether they’re willing to join when you ask about “Hiring”. If you’ve maxed out your charisma, do not pick Akimi up when you have a full team of four. If you have a team of four when Akimi arrives, the last character you hired will die for no reason and the game will crash in a few seconds.

by Binta (Source)

Crosshair Hand

If you press your crosshair button (A Button), then go to your menu (START), then exit the menu (START), quickly press B, then A right away. If done correctly, you should be able to shoot with your hand.

by CC (Source)

No Examination Keyword

If you proceed past Delay Station in order to collect the 2000 Nuyen for the doctor in Ed’s Patch N’ Fix, the Examination keyword will no longer show up as it has been removed from your list of keywords. This does not happen in all versions of the game. The versions effected by this are unknown.

by Jachranit (Source) and HOHNald (Source)


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