Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN)

Get Launched & Pass Through Blocks/Walls (x5)

Throughout the game, there is several instances where you can find yourself passing or being launched through walls or blocks under circumstances.

  1. In Marble Zone, Act 1 you can pass under the grey brick blocks when riding the single green block along the lava if you hold duck. View this part of a video for a demonstration on this bug.
  2. Throughout Marble Zone, you can find several green platforms that will go in and out of the wall. With the right timing, and running towards the wall as it goes in, you can get fully engulfed into the wall, sometimes shooting you through the wall into random parts of the level, mostly in lava or bottomless pits though. View this part of a video for a demonstration on this bug.
  3. In Scrap Brain, Act 1, in the area where the angled platforms go in and out of the wall, with the right timing, running towards and ducking near the wall, the platform will push you into the wall where you will be zig-zaged through the wall until eventually, spit back out a bit later in the level. View this part of a video for a demonstration on this bug.
  4. In Labyrinth Zone, Act 2, after using the button to open the platform door, quickly stand on it. You will now move inside of the wall. If you try to jump or move, you may be launched out; normally you will get launched right to the end of the level which is handy for speed runs. View this video for a demonstration on this bug.
  5. In Marble Zone, Act 1, in the beggining platforms that move up and down, you are able to stand on the corner of each of them to be forced inside the wall for a short period of time and then be forced out as shown in this portion of a video. There is also Unconfirmed: videos showing this launching Sonic into random parts of the level; however, it may be a artifact of emulation.

by aj120191 (Video), alternateshadow300 (Video), reidypea (Video), Vaughn, and StreakXD (Video)

Fast Death

Under certain circumstances, primarily in Green Hill Zone, Act 1 you may be able to go so fast through the double loop tunnels that the bottom of the map will not properly render in time for you to reach the bottom, killing you on contact. This is done by propelling yourself half-way through the loop ramp and continuing to roll along towards the loop tunnels.

by Truesonic1 (Video)

Invincible Dr. Robotnik

After hitting Dr. Robotnik eight times, if you hit him 2 more times (on his way back out of the screen), his health will go below 0, which will give him 255 health. Considering there is a 10 minute timer, there is no chance of possibly killing him after that. View this part of a video for a demonstration on this bug.

by StreakXD (Video)

Animation Glitches (x4)

Several animation glitches can occur in the game including:

  1. When standing on the grey brick type blocks in the Marble Zone, if you stand in the middle of two blocks (if they are touching), Sonic will perform his “balancing” animation even though he is on solid ground and not standing near an edge.
  2. When jumping on the the rotating circles in Scrap Brain Zone, it is possible to trigger Sonic’s “falling” animation rather than walking/running animation which normally is triggered. His falling animation will rotate nonsensically around the circle as it moves for a short time.
  3. When walking on top of the corner on small ramps, Sonic’s animation will glitch out showing him sideways as if moving up or down the ramp, as shown in this portion of a video.
  4. After getting the invincibility at the start in Green Hill Zone, Act 3, if you walk on the spikes, and move all the way to the left of them, Sonic will be performing the “balancing” animation even though he is on solid ground, although he will also be partially inside of it as shown in this portion of a video.

by Vaughn and StreakXD (Video) (Video #2)

Forever Rolling Sonic

If you roll down a slope into a rock (and perhaps other objects), you will roll forever as long as you keep holding down, as shown in this portion of a video. Although this may look like a glitched animation, if Sonic was not blocked by the rock, Sonic would still be moving separating this glitch from the rest of the animation glitches on this page.

by StreakXD (Video)

Instant Spike Kill Bug

Although it is debated that this is or is not a bug, when getting hit from anything, you will flash for a brief period whereby you will be invulnerable to damage; however, spikes in all forms ignores this and will kill you even when flashing. This is particularity annoying when landing on spikes, then bouncing off into more spikes. It is debated because this might be an intentional game mechanic; however, no other damaging object applies this same principle, not even lava.

by William Walker (Source)

Robotnik’s Revenge

After defeating Dr. Robotnik, if you hit him after he takes off in his ship, you will be able to be able to fall into the pit, killing yourself even after you’ve technically beaten the game. This does not occur if you do not hit him after taking off (there’s an invisible wall). It is arguable if this is a glitch or not, or an intended “hidden” feature for hitting Dr. Robotnik while taking off. View this part of a video for a demonstration on this bug.

by StreakXD (Video)

Bright Light

Missing Information: In the ending cinematic screen, if you move all the way to the right (instead of left, like you are supposed to), you will fall off the map and die. Instead of the game ending normally, the screen will fade out to white for a unknown period of time. View this part of a video for a demonstration on this bug.

by StreakXD (Video)

Frozen Game

When finishing Labyrinth Zone, Act 1, after running past the finishing sign, hold down the down button so your game screen scrolls down. If done correctly, this will freeze the game. Sometimes this will display the message “Illegal Instruction$00000002”.

by aj120191 (Video)

Drunk Sonic

During the demo of the game, if you hold all three buttons, A, B, and C, Sonic (in the demo) will not be able to jump. There seems to be some sort of AI (or just a programmed pattern) within the demo, so Sonic appears to do weird things when he seemingly can’t jump at all. View this part of a video for a demonstration on this bug.

by aj120191 (Video)

Debug Glitches

Many people do not count debug glitches as true glitches as they not appear in the game as it’s meant to be played. Debug mode was a testing tool left in by the developers to scroll through the map which can cause glitches with triggers causing many game breaking and changing glitches, including the infamous method of getting 255 lives. To see a fairly complete listing of debug glitches, view this page.

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