Crackdown (360)

Double Jump

While holding an object, you are able to double jump by throwing the object at the highest point of your first jump, then quickly pressing and holding the A button as soon as your character’s hands go up into the air. This will perform the double jump if timed correctly.

by Havok646 (Video)

Triple Jump

Using a large, flat, square object, you are able to pull off, not only a double jump (which is also a glitch), but a triple jump if timed correctly with the right type of object. This works a long the same lines as the double jump; however you want to be looking up to the sky instead, and when you perform the double jump, you will want to release the A button, then try to keep jumping as you go through the flat object, basically jumping off of the object.

by Insetik47 (Video)

Shipping Crate Animation Glitch

When hanging on to a movable shipping crate, if the crate moves at all, by either an explosion, a car hitting it, or another player kicking/picking it up, you will still be doing the “hanging on” animation for a second while you are no longer hanging on to the crate, but rather, floating in the air.

by Vaughn

Harpoon Flying

To perform this glitch you must be playing a co-op or multiplayer game. These instructions are for making yourself fly; however, you can reverse the process to make your partner fly as well. Have your partner stand in front of and begin shooting you with the harpoon gun. While this is happening, go to the menu and hit extract. Make sure your partner harpoons you a couple more times while you are lying dead from the extraction. Choose a location that is different than where you are, this will be the location will flying from, to the spot where you first extracted. When you respawn, hit extract again and you will begin flying towards the location where you were harpooned.

by whitegold58 (Video)

Swim Under the Map (x3)

There is three known ways to be able to do this glitch:

  1. After leaving the Agency Tunnel, go to the side with water on it and jump off the ledge. It is important to get high enough in the air so that once you land in the water you are able to swim and get pressed under the platform. Next, look at the water, jump and throw a grenade at the same time. Make sure the explosion pushes you backwards so that you can get pushed far enough to swim under the map.
  2. Sometimes when jumping or falling on to thin world architecture, like the walls of stairs and other things, you can fall through the map, and swim in the area below the map; however, more commonly, you will just get stuck in a wall or floor.
  3. There is a couple spots in the Agency Tower tunnel (1 and 2) that you can jump out of the roof of as shown in this video:

by Crackdown Wiki (Source), Lord Cypher (Video), and Vaughn

Hovering Cars

While you are in the agency tower, select a vehicle that you want to remove the wheels from (or that you want to make “hover”). Drive to the closest body of water and jump your vehicle in. While the car is floating on the water, get out of the car and jump on top of it while it’s afloat. Jump as high as you can and throw as many grenades down on top of it that you can (enough to kill you). After the grenades are thrown and before you die, tap the A button as fast as you can. You should lag for a moment.

At the menu, select the agency and then “The Keep”, you should feel a vibration for half a second when the loading screen appears. Go straight to the agency vehicle that you selected before and the wheels should be invisible. If this doesn’t work, close the door and open it again. If that still doesn’t work then try the glitch again. You may have to try this multiple times.

by batrs5 (Video)


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