Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

Cranky Kong’s Shop Glitch

Unknown Causes: Under certain circumstances, Cranky Kong’s Shop will react very slowly between each dialog message, and sometimes not at all, you will just have a faded out screen. To remedy this, you can press the Wii Home button on your Wiimote, then press it again to go back into the game. This will make the dialog boxes come up; however, you may have to perform this several times because of the multiple dialog boxes that can show up.

Video no longer available.

by MAST3RLINKX (Video)

Invisible Cranky Kong

Unknown Causes: Perhaps related to the Cranky Kong Shop Glitch, in this one, for unknown reasons, Cranky Kong will be invisible. In this video, it appears the player is experiencing the Crank Kong’s Shop Glitch, and when he fixes it by using the Wii Home button trick, Cranky Kong reappears.

by PNFtwister (Vide0)

Mine Cart Long Jump

Missing Information: In the video displayed below shows Donkey Kong doing an incredibly long jump off a mine-cart on to the attached mine-carts. Also related is after the jump, the video creator shows Donkey Kong ground pounding incredibly fast, which at that point, Donkey Kong shouldn’t be there yet anyways, which could be why that’s possible.

by MrFredyfredy (Video)

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