X2: Wolverine’s Revenge (GC) (Xbox) (PC) (PS2)

Through the Fence

Right at the beginning of level 1, face the mine field. Walk up to the wall on the right, still looking at the mine field. Now, go up to the part of the ground that slopes a bit, and walk straight at it. If done correctly, you should just pass through it. This is useful for avoiding all but two or three mines. It works both to and from.

by Glitch Gamer (Source)

Knocked-out Sabertooth

During the first Sabertooth fight, when he does his version of a Claw Dive, avoid it and he will be temporary knocked out. If you use the action button, you will carry him like a guard. He will also sound like one.

by Jordan S. (Source)

Stuck in Fire

When fighting Sabertooth the second time, after damaging him a bit, he will enter his second mode of attack. When he does this, jump into the fire ring with him. When you land, you will be impaled and dying from the fire. However, the game does not act as if you have died. You can put your claws in and out, but other than that you will be locked up.

by luv hockey66 (Source)


When you get to the part in the Tactical Decisions level where you have to disable the electric fence, knock the person out, then destroy it. When done, hold the action button to exit. After that, go to the electric fence and slash open the first one. Jump on the other side and slash the last three. Once you are done with that, turn around and the background should turn white. You can only see the airplane, yourself, and the electric fence. You also cannot go any farther. To exit out of this, jump back over the fence.

by matt meyer (Source)

Floating Box

Unknown Causes: Missing Information: Under the right circumstances, if you break the bottom of two stacked boxes, the top one will remain in the air. This is an assumption based on the video this is seen in; however, this video has since been removed from YouTube.

by BowserLivesForever2 (Video)

Invisible Fire

Unconfirmed: Unknown Causes: In Act 4 Part 4, in the part where you have to slash the water pipes in order to douse the flames, sometimes the walls of fire will appear completely invisible. Walking into them will kill you instantly.

by JJ912 (Source)

Game Crash

Unconfirmed: Missing Information: In Act 3, Part 4, do not jump into the green liquid in the last large part of the level. You are able to get out of it, but it will “crash” the game under certain circumstances?

by Shay (Source)

Invincibility Glitch

Unconfirmed: Unknown Causes: Under certain circumstances, you can become invincible. The video creator claims that he paused the game for some time, and when the game was unpaused, he noticed his life bar was not going down. There is an invincibility cheat code in this game so this recording is dubious.

Video has been removed by user.

by CLYDEYzMz (Video)

Walk Through Wall

In Act 1, Rebirth, when the scientist brings you up the lift and you see the broken door, crawl under it with the crouch button. Adjust the camera and walk through the door without crawling.

by DragonBallZJoe (Source)

Helmet Smash Sound

In Act 1 Part 3, Freakshow, play with a costume that does not have the helmet. When Sabretooth jumps out and smashes your helmet, he will smash nothing, but you will still hear the sound of the helmet breaking.

by The Minicon (Source)

Infinite Score & Dog Tag Loop

During Act 2 Part 4, Grim Discoveries, after you have taken the elevator down into the cavern, you will face the Wendigo and three soldiers. Instead of feeding the soldiers to the Wendigo, knock the gun out of each of their hands and lure them to an open area. Next, position yourself so you can perform a level 3 strike on each of them simultaneously. You will be rewarded with 150,000 points and a dog tag if the “Claw Slam” Strike is successful. Finally, if you run away from the elevator, three more soldiers will rappel into the shaft with you. You can repeat the process as many times as needed for lots of points and dog tags. Note: If you die you will have to restart the level.

by FNG (Source)

Bullet Hole Texture Glitch

In Act 2 Part 4, Grim Discoveries, after you feed Wendigo a military man at the first part of the level, wait until a military man comes through the stalagmite “hallway”. Run up to him and make him shoot the stalagmites a few times. Kill or feed him to Wendigo, then return to the stalagmite “hallway”. Look at the bullet holes. If you look from a side angle, the bullet hole will seem to be in mid-air, off of the stalagmites.

by Jedidiah78 (Souce)

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