The House of the Dead: Overkill (Wii)

The Fetid Waters Bug

Under certain circumstances, in the Fetid Waters level, your character can become stuck with nothing to do or shoot after the cut-scene. You cannot simply restart the level, the same issue will occur. You have to manually reset the game to fix the issue. An unconfirmed method of stopping this bug from happening is to not shoot the Gold Brains right at the beginning and wait for the zombies to appear.

by ibookdude (Source), SMT_Masochist (Source), and wii60mel (Video)

Stuck Behind Walls

A major bug in the game’s engine is the possibility of shooting a zombie and having it move back behind a wall. Once the zombie is stuck behind the wall, there is no way to kill him unless you have a grenade. Otherwise, you have to restart the level. This has been reported to happen in many different levels.

Video has been removed by user.

by liamx2000 (Source) and tooloudsteps315 (Video)

Jasper Glitch

Unknown Causes: Under certain circumstances, Jasper, the first level boss will float around you and not attack you with his floating objects. One report stated that this was caused by dying, then continuing during the battle. Another report stated this happened when Jasper was at low health.

by cdn_bacon (Source)

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