Duke Nukem Forever (PC) (360) (PS3)

Sparkle Glitch

Unknown Causes: When this glitch occurs, every surface that has a “shiny” mapping set in the game will map itself into a “sparkle” texture instead. Supposedly this is fixed by restarting the level or restarting the game if that does not work.

Duke Nukem Forever Sparkle Glitch


by Jim Sterling (Source)

Alien Ship Glitch

Using the proper timing, you are able to get your monster truck on top of an alien ship using a mountain wall as a ramp in Highway Battle: Part 2. Under the right circumstances and skill, you can ride on top of it, until it bugs you and your truck into the skybox where you will be able to drive in the sky, or even get crushed, among other oddities.

by derda222 (Video)

Monster Truck Crush

If you land on an enemy with your monster truck, the enemy will be stuck for a short time, then “explode” with no body/body parts visible. The enemy will just¬†disappear with an “explode” type sound. After this, your truck will be hovering in the air, until you move.

Duke Nukem Forever Monster Truck Crush

by Vaughn

Assault Commander Won’t Attack or Die

Unknown Causes: The first time you see an assault commander, for unknown reasons, some type of trigger might glitch and you will not be able to damage it, and it will be stuck, not attacking.

by FLuffee4theWin (Vide0)

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