Flying Money – Revenge of the Titans (PC) – Glitch Gamer #1

My first glitching video! Some people would considering this more of a exploit or trick though, depending if the developers know about it or not :).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go on a level that has the flying titans on it.
  2. Try to kill all but one of them (you can keep them all alive, it just makes it harder since they do try to damage buildings).
  3. Kill everything else and start gathering all the minerals you can.
  4. Make sure you can repair the damage they are doing.
  5. Profit.

About Vaughn

Well look at this? Another gaming site project? I must have all the time in the world! (sarcasm alert) On a serious note, this site hopes to be an extremely comprehensive source and collaboration project for documenting video game glitches, bugs and other errors. Filled with info, sources, pictures and videos.