King’s Field (PS)

Title Screen Crash

Unknown Causes: Under certain circumstances, when you turn on the game, the title screen will crash. It will either show a scrambled screen with the music playing as normal, or a scrambled screen with music stuck on a note. Resetting usually fixes it, but there may be a reason this glitch only occurs in the title screen and never anywhere else in the game. By using a Goldfinger accessory, I discovered that the title sequence, actual game, and ending sequence are all three completely separate programs!

by Flying Omelette (Source), confirmed by Vaughn

Figure Bug

If you’ve found all three Figures of Seath and you haven’t used one, the Ground Bell will react to the Figure of Seath that Leon places by the fountain even though you can’t see it or pick it up until you lost the last figure you have.

by Anthony Grzesiak (Source)

Black Screen Load

Unknown Causes: Under certain circumstances, after dying, you normally will start all over again from the beginning; however, sometimes you will just get a black screen. You can move around in the darkness with some GUI elements (like the compass, to show you are actually moving), but it doesn’t seem like there is anything there and you cannot attack. You can; however, load a saved game as per normal.

by Vaughn

See Through Walls

Depending on the angle and viewpoint, you may be able to see interactive objects like buttons, items, doors, enemies, and NPCs through walls. This is due in part to the primitive polygonal engine used to render walls and objects on separate layers. Part of this same glitch also makes some objects appear blank or not loaded. This is useful for finding hidden and secret doors as they will appear black for a brief second before being rendered properly.

by Vaughn

Nudging NPCs

It is hard to say whether this is a glitch or an easter egg put in to the game by the developers. If you hit an NPC they will nudge ever so slightly in the opposite direction. It is almost not visible at first until you keep doing it over and over. Doing this, you may nudge NPCs out of the way that stop you from entering certain areas before you have completed quest triggers. The credibility behind why this may be an deliberate easter egg and not a glitch is because later on in the game you find a old man’s shop. Behind him is a chest and some Ruinous Boots on a table. Using this method you are able to push him out of the way to get the boots and unlock the chest which gives you a Crystal Flask… interesting considering you shouldn’t be able to get there, so why is there something inside that you can get? From a programming standpoint, it also seems unlikely that this “nudging” effect was not deliberately programmed.

by Vaughn

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