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Stronghold Fortress Spear Shortcut

Using a specifically placed spear against the wall beside the skull gate, you are able to glitch through the wall, and then fall down into the chamber without unlocking any of the stone ball triggers. This is very useful for speed runs.

by LLCoolDave (Video)

Missing Platforms

Unknown Causes: On the “Fiery Depths” level just after section with the “Sacrifice 3 skeletons to the scorpion crest” challenge, you have to cross some lava by jumping on rotating oblong platforms. Sometimes the furthest three platforms do not appear. Unfortunately, to fix this, you will need to restart the level and try again.

by Unknown (Source)

Spike Launching

Unknown Causes: Under the right circumstances, you may be able to glitch the physics engine by using spike triggers and dead player/monster ragdolls. Sometimes, dead players and monsters will launch off the spikes extremely fast and comedically.

by Vaughn

Never-ending Boss Death Loop

If you die at a variety of specific points in the spike field fight with Xolotl, while the game saves, you will be stuck in a constant dying loop where you will die after loading the save in a never-ending loop. At this point you don’t have the opportunity to exit to the menu, so you will have to force quit the game.

by soopytwist (Source) and (Video)

Ball Through Gate

In this challenge tower, you are able to place a stone ball in a spot where you can trigger a gate to close on it. After the gate is closed on it, you will still be able to push it further through, or back. If you push it further, your character will also go through the gate, but only temporarily, as you will revert back after you have stopped pushing.

by LaraCroftEnForce (Video)

Belly of the Beast Red Skull Bug(s)

Due to some of the Red Skulls only being dropped by enemies, sometimes the enemies that drop them do not spawn making it impossible to get all the Red Skulls in the level. Sometimes Red Skulls may also be missing on the Spider tiles, which may or may not be related.

by The Roscoe Vine  New Player (Source)

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