Peggle Deluxe (PC) (MAC)

Easy Extreme Fever

Debunked: This glitch has been confirmed to be a fraud. Using instruction provided in the video does not produce outcome as shown. Shift, f5, f6, and f7 keys are not bound and do nothing in-game. There is no credibility to as why these buttons would do anything or cause the orange fever bar to fill up. The video was most likely shot will using the popular real-time hex/value editor, Cheat Engine.

The source claimed by pressing and holding f5, f6, f7 and shift then moving your cursor left to right very fast, the orange fever bar will light up and you will be able to get an easy “Extreme Fever” by shooting at any orange peg.

by metalmutt (Video), debunked by Vaughn

Infinite Rumble

Start a quick play game on any level with any character. Hit all the orange pegs and save the fever shot as a replay. Return to the menu and view the replay you just saved. Exactly when the ball hits the final orange peg, click “done” on the replay widget. Now roll your mouse over any button or option. If you did it right, the whole screen will shake. View this portion of a video to see this glitch.

by Crashdance22 (Video)

Infinite Effects

Repeat the “Infinite Rumble” glitch above except click “done” just after hitting the final orange peg. If you did it right, you will see shimmering light effects either to the left or right side of the “EXTREME FEVER” text. View this portion of a video to see this glitch.

by Crashdance22 (Video)

Peek-a-Boo Jimmy

Unknown Causes: If you achieve a certain combo, Jimmy Lightning will appear and vanish instantly rather than hang around long enough for you to read what he’s saying. It seems to be appear merely at random. However, getting lots of combos and points at the same time seems to increase your chances at doing this glitch yourself. View this portion of a video to see this glitch.

by Crashdance22 (Video)

Button Error

Start a challenge game. Pick any stage with any character. Fail the challenge, and when the retry dialogue appears click “menu” under the Ball-O-Tron and click “restart challenge”. The game does nothing, no matter how many times you click it. You can exit the dialogue and click “retry challenge” on the previous dialogue to restart correctly. View this portion of a video to see this glitch.

by Crashdance22 (Video)

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