Shadows of the Damned (360) (PS3)

Infinite White Gems

Knocking down a Teleporting Cyber Demon will enable you the ability to stomp on them. They do not die from being stomped on, so they will keep spewing out White Gems as long as you keep pressing the stomp button. You can have a maximum amount of 999 white gems; however, you can use these to spend on drinks, ammo, and even Red Gems from Christopher – giving you unlimited access to Red Gems.

by BlowfishShorts (Video)

Christopher Animation Glitch

Sometimes the animation in which you feed Christopher white gems will be off by a variable amount, so both of your movements do not line up.

by Vaughn

Falling off the Bridge

Unknown Causes: As shown in the video, the poster describes that he fell off the bridge during the boss battle. It is unknown at which point this happened, but he describes that Eliot hit him off of it. There is also another video which showcases when you fall off of the map into the “void” where barely anything is visible.

by mariotaz (Video) and Riselem (Video)

Christopher Dialog Glitch

Unknown Causes: For many people playing this game, the first time you interact with Christopher in each Act, you will exit out of his dialog menu each time, forcing you to talk with him again.

by Vaughn and Stuffyedminky (Source)

George Boss Red Sky Glitch

Unknown Causes: As shown in this video, the red sky that lights up the hut that the Goat head is in did not show up. The Goat head is revealed very briefly near 1:35 in the video, confirming that the red light did not show up.

by JuJuJC (Video)

Eliot’s Beast-form Glitch

Unknown Causes: Under unknown circumstances, Eliot’s Beat-form will get stuck flying under neath the bridge. As shown in the video, it does look like you will have to continue from your last checkpoint to solve this.

by ImaForklift (Video)

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