StarTropics (NES)

Maximum Life

The big heart located before the Big Rock tunnel will reappear everytime you have to continue so if you keep dieing and continuing you can keep getting one more heart until you have max health. You can also continue getting the heart after you have max health if you die in the tunnel.

by publcstaticvoid (Source)

Serpent Boss Shortcut

You are able to beat the first boss without killing or damaging him at all. As soon as you enter the boss room, jump up the serpent’s mouth and continue trying to move forward and jumping. As the serpent shoots a fireball at you, you should now be able to jump forward and move along the serpent until you are in the next room, bypassing the boss altogether. You will need at least 2 hearts for this as he hits you for one hearts worth of damage.

by Darkwing Duck (Video)

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