Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Still Going

In Battle Mode, hold the gas before, during, and after you lose your last balloon. Sometimes you will be able to continue driving around collecting blocks. Make sure you keep holding the gas! If you inadvertently press a button, you will get the menu, but you’ll still be able to drive around until you press another button. If you get a Star, use it; after the star music stops, the regular battle music returns. If you get a Red Shell, fire it at your opponent, and it’ll spin circles around him. This glitch can be seen in this part of a video.

by The Mushroom Kingdom (Source) and xotic82 (Video)

Turn Off Music

In any two-player game, after the green light, repeatedly and quickly press the Start Button on any controller. It may take a while, but the music should turn off eventually. You can also speed this process up by using “Slow Motion” on a controller that has this feature.

by Deezer (Source)

First Place Princess

Unknown Causes: After watching some of a replay in Time Trials mode, the source views other times to see that all the times have been replaced by “1st 0′ 30″ 30 Princess”. It is unknown whether or not this happened after watching the replay, or before due to some type of corruption in the save data.

byFernandojarex (Video)

Unidentified Flying Balloons

In Battle Course 2, if you jump out of the course and get picked up by Lakitu, you will disappear from your opponent’s screen except for your balloons.

by The Mushroom Kingdom (Source)

Red Shell Jump

The effect of a red shell can be negated (somewhat) if the red shell hits you front the front and there is bumps behind you as shown in the video below:

by xotic82 (Video)

Invincibility Music

If you pause the game, the moment a player who was invincible is no longer invincible, the invincibility music will play the rest of the race or battle mode round.

by Jeff Barry (Source)


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