The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)

Backdoor Lockup

Go to Spectacle Rock (located at the top of Death Mountain) and position Link directly above the cave seen below the rock. You must make sure to align him perfectly (you can use the Hookshot to test). Face north, draw and hold your sword (by holding B), and walk backwards off Spectable Rock and into the cave. You will enter the cave in a strange way and you will be completely frozen and will not be able to move to continue on. The only way to resolve this is to Save and Quit.

by Zeldapedia (Source)

Gannon’s Repeat

After defeating Gannon, instead of going to the room with the triforce, fall of the edge of the floor. You’ll now be in a room where Sahasrala tells you to use the silver arrow on Gannon. When you go back to where Gannon was killed, he’ll be fully alive again, and you’ll have to beat him a second time.

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Chris Houlihan Room

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Chris Houlihan RoomThe Chris Houlihan Room is a secret room in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It contains 45 blue rupees scattered on a wet floor and a Telepathic Tile on the back wall that says “My name is Chris Houlihan. This is my top secret room. Keep it between us, okay?”. While the room exists in the Game Boy Advance version of the game, Chris Houlihan’s name is not mentioned.

Nintendo held a contest in a 1990 Nintendo Power magazine, where a randomly selected winner would get to appear in a future Nintendo game. To win, the person had to take a picture of the elusive Warmech boss in the game Final Fantasy, and mail it to Nintendo Power. Chris Houlihan received the grand prize: a cameo appearance in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

While the room itself may not be a glitch, as it was intended as a secret/easter egg within the game, the various ways to enter the room may suggest that the room may be in fact a debug or failsafe room in the programming where the game cannot properly detect where the player came from, or which room they were supposed to go to.

Five entrances/methods for entering the room:

Discussion on replicating the easter egg/glitch from RedSouthCity’s Glitchbusters series:

by Zelda Wiki (Source), MaddHatts (Video) and RedSouthCity (Video)

Change Agahnim’s Color

Unconfirmed: During the Light World fight with Agahnim, he turns into a shadow, and moves around like that. If you bring up the map exactly when he is turning from shadow to real form, his colors will be really distorted, or he will look transparent, just like the 2 fake ones during the second fight. If you keep doing it, his colors will keep changing.

by BluePenMan (Source)

Get On Lava Floor on Death Mountain

By using the Magic Mirror near the very edge of the bridge in the light world, you are able to become stuck in the wall when going into the dark world, allowing you to jump off the edge and into the lava floor, allowing you to walk around or even get to areas previously impossible; however, this may cause graphical glitches as shown in the video below:

by Gemberland2004 (Video)

Holding Nothing

On any part of the Light World Death Mountain that is on top of the mountain (area with the Tower of Hera, or Mountain Tower) freeze one of the tekktites (those blue or red spidery jumping things) with the ice rod (the Ether Medallion will just kill it) and pick it up using the power glove. Now jump off the edge of the mountain that leads to the ground level. The tekktie will suddenly disappear and when you land on the ground you will be holding thin air and you will walk at normal speed with nothing weighing you down. The only problem is, you can’t use any items, including your sword, shield or pegasus boots, and you cant throw away the air that you’re holding. The only way you can stop this is by entering a cave or by getting hurt.

Sometimes you may have to repeat the trick several times in order for the item you’re holding to disappear. You can also do this in the Dark World Death Mountain where you enter the portal near Spectacle Rock. Pick up a flower, and jump off the cliff. In the Dark World it doesn’t work 100% of the time.

by gamecrash64 (Source)

Break the Magic Meter

By using the Cane of Somaria very quickly in rapid succession, you are able to break the magic meter whereby it will tell you that you are out of magic, even though you are technically over the maximum limit (which causes the glitch). Your magic meter graphic will become glitched (and appear white), and you will not be able to use any magic. Getting any magic powder amount will reset you back to the maximum.

by creaturecorp (Video)

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