Psychonauts (Xbox) (PS2) (PC) (MAC)

Green/Blue Clothing (Xbox 360)

Unknown Causes: When playing the Xbox version of the game on an Xbox 360, it has been reported that during normal gameplay Raz’s costume will turn either blue or green instead of the normal brown color. The cut-scenes will remain unaffected by this.

by HVPanic (Source)

Infinite Jump (PC)

During the title sequence and screen, you are able to jump in a way that will keep looping around the brain indefinitely until you stop moving forward.

Editor’s Notes: I have tried to do this on the Playstation 2 version to no avail.

by SashaNein (Video)

Caravan Save Glitch

It has been reported that if you save and exit the game while inside the caravan during Sash’s Brain Tumbler Experiment (Advanced Training) you will not be able to progress forward in the game. When loading the save, you will be outside of the caravan, but the door will be locked.

by siaynoqq (Source)

Water Skipping

Normally, after the third time you land in water in a row, the hand will pull you under and you will end up back on the shore; however, if you repeatedly press the Skip and Jump button, it will skip the cut-scene and will not move you back to the shore, allowing you to get more distance over water. You can use this glitch to get to Milla earlier than you should, unfortunately this doesn’t give levitation early. You can skip having to get the boat entirely, which saves time if you are doing a speedrun. You can also use this glitch in Lungfishopolis, where you can get to Kochamara island without killing the planes at all. This does not work 100% of the time.

In Lungfishopolis:

by Inexistence (Video) and UandUskills (Video)

Cobweb Duster Glitch

Unknown Causes: For unknown reasons, sometimes after use of the Cobweb Duster, on rare occasions, it will be removed from your inventory permanently. You cannot get another one by any means, so you will have to reload a previous save if you wish to continue using your Cobweb Duster. It has been reported that this seems to happen more often in Gloria’s Theater.

by MyOrignalName (Source)

Door Keypad Glitch

Unknown Causes: In the Milkman Conspiracy, at the Post Office, it has been reported that for unknown reasons, that the door keypad may stop working. The only way to remedy this was to use the Bacon Phone, then re-enter the Post Office.

by AskMeAboutLOOM (Source)

Flying Raz

Unknown Causes: While using Levitate and the Dowsing Rod, the poster of the video is shown floating and flying in the air, able to pass through boundaries and move around in the sky. It has been suggested that this may have something to do with water.

by Mellotaku (Video)

Awkward Tickle

If you tickle either one of the band members while they are talking with the Crow’s Feather, they will get stuck and just look into each other’s eyes indefinitely, until you hit them, or leave and come back.

by Klia (Source)

Bear Error

During a cutscence on the docks, you can clearly see a bear on the beach; however, there is never any bear there during the normal gameplay. It is theorized that this bear was cut from the game at some point.

Psychonauts - Bear Error

by assassin man (Source)

Early Diving Helmet

By using a combination of jumping and floating, you are able to jump off of a roof corner, granting you access to some items earlier than normal, including the Diving Helmet scavenger item.

by zeke1337 (Video)

Get Inside Doctor Loboto’s Forcefield

You can get inside Doctor Loboto’s forcefield by levitating into the pillar part of the barrier and floating down while making sure not to hit the actual dome part. While in the forcefield you can do many things not possible otherwise like blocking his path and riding the brain.

by ValeriePF (Source)

Unused Credit Slide (YOUR NAME HERE)

Using levitate and floating down on the left hand side of the “Collective Unconscious” you will see an unused black slide with “YOUR NAME HERE” on it. It has been suggested that this may be an easter egg; however, since it isn’t a reference to anything, it is more likely an unused credit slide that was accidentally placed there and never removed.

by Odd (Source) and brooksfoster7 (Vide0)

Ring In the Sky?

Questions & Theories: There is an unknown object floating in the sky in Basic Braining, right when you get to the series of walls with flamethrowers on them, and before the place where you punch to wall to get to the verticle ropes. When you drop out of the tunnel, the object is located behind you, floating in the sky. Is it possible that this is the exit object/trigger?

Psychonauts - Ring in the Sky

by Gruducuuz (Source)

Float Climbing

Using a combination of jumping, floating, enabling the orb, then jumping again, you are able to jump indefinitely. This is however, extremely hard to do with proper timing and sequence.

by Butt3rsOnSpeed (Video)

Turn Night Back Into Day

By using the following sequence of events, you can change night into day:

  1. Use Bacon to get out of Milla’s mind.
  2. Don’t have Ford put you back.
  3. Play normally until it is dark out.
  4. Go to Ford and ask him to put you back where you were.

After this, you will be teleported back to the platform on the lake with no one around. After this, the horn will also stop functioning properly, Raz will say “I think I need to be closer to the shore” even if you are directly on it.

by pj- (Source)

Psi-pound Brain Glitch

Unknown Causes: On rare instances, when psi-pounding a brain container, Raz will get stuck in a downward animation. No normal game buttons will respond so you will have to re-load a save or restart the game.

Psychonauts - Psi-pound Brain Glitch

by assassin man (Source)

First Figment Skip

Using a properly placed double jump, you can skip the first figment cut-scene.

by Butt3rsOnSpeed (Video)

Get Onto Radio Island a Second Time

It is possible to get to the Radio Island that you fight Goggalor on, a second time. Even though Levitate is disabled, a good run and jump, along with the boost from the hand trying to grab Rasputin is enough to just make it. If you climb the tower, then it will play the cutscene from the end of the battle and you will then be transported back to Linda. Even if Rasputin has lost his brain, he will be back in the real world. When you return to the Lungfishopolis level through the Collective Unconsciousness, you will be back on the island and there is no way to return to the rest of the level, so it is important to collect everything before you do this.

by klaythan (Source)

Meat Circus Shortcut

When you get to the second trampoline, and do a psi-pound (without the levitation ball) at the right time, you will glitch into out of bounds through the ceiling. When there, use a combination of jump and floating until you appear back in the level. From here you can float down to the platform where it ends that part of the level.

by lookw (Video)

Army of Censors

After beating the Den Mother, go to the Milkman and use the Clairvoyance ability on him. There will now be no one there to stop the censors from coming. After a short time, there will be tons of censors.

Possibly Deunked: I cannot replicate this on the PlayStation 2 version.

by Tychondryus (Source) and Vaughn


You are able to bunnyhop using a method of jumping, then as soon as you touch the ground, jump again. Your double jump loses no speed if you use it. It can be useful for turning while keeping speed, but the double jump won’t gain you any speed since you won’t hit the floor at all. The more slanted the surface, the more speed you will gain.

by Inexistence (Video)

Boat Animation Glitch

Missing Information: While riding the boat, the video poster seems to be floating above the boat. There is no information available to as why this happened.

by rayraz (Video)

Opening Audio Glitch

Unconfirmed: During the opening title select screen, the video poster’s audio seems to feature heavily distorted sounds including a girl crying and buzzing sounds.

by invaderzimkc (Video)

Super Bounce

Using the trampoline near the starting of the game, beside the bunk houses, you can perform a “Super Bounce” making you bounce higher than normal, and on one bounce. This is due to there being a solid wall near the side of the trampoline where you cannot bounce near.

Questions & Theories: Is there any other trampolines like this?

by Inexistence (Video)

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