Watchmen: The End Is Nigh (XBLA) (PSN) (360) (PS3) (PC)

Also known as Watchmen: The End Is Nigh: Parts 1 and 2 in retail form.

Falling Through Floor

Unknown Causes: Missing Information: During a normal playthrough of the game, the recording below showcases a player stuck underneath the floor in Chapter II in Part 2. As this was recorded after the fact of the glitch, it is unknown how this could have happened or where exactly it did occur.

Video has been removed by the user.

by AngelWingDuelist (Video)

Execution Animation Glitches

Commonly, when performing an execution move, your character may not be directly touching the victim during execution, or sometimes clipping through the victim while performing it. More commonly, the victim may appear to slide over to your character to be in direct line of sight to the execution to perform it.

by Vaughn

Enemy Physics Glitches

Enemy models may become stuck in walls, doors and other world objects. This commonly happens with heads, arms and legs.

by Vaughn and fatezfatez (Video)

Rorschach Charge Glitch

Sometimes when performing the charge attack for Rorschach, you can push enemies into a world object that will cause them to fly unrealistically high into the air.

by Vaughn

In Space

Missing Information: It is possible to perform a glitch that will throw you high into the sky and outside of the worldbox where you can walk around to look down into the world from above it. There is no recorded footage of this happening in the act, only videos of after it occurring. It is said to be caused to throwing enemies while in a corner.

Video has been removed by the user.

by eddyg0rd0 (Video)

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