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“Cheater” Achievement Bug (WiiWare)

There is a bug in the WiiWare version of the game that makes getting the “Cheater” achievement impossible to get. This has been confirmed by the developers. It has been fixed in the computer version as of patch 1.1.2 – rev. 5696; however, still remains in the WiiWare version.

by Gregor (Source)

Flickering Background

Unknown Causes: Under certain circumstances, you may notice the background flickering into different textures/backgrounds. This will happen very quickly for a brief period while moving.

by Vaughn

Comprehensive Fixes List (PC) (MAC) (Linux)

Below is a comprehensive fixes list throughout all released patches for the computer version of And Yet It Moves.

1.0.1 – rev.3496

  • Esc opened the menu instead of skipping splash screens.

1.0.2 – rev.3507

  • One score per user.
  • Fixed near you time rounding bug.
  • Fixed some little score search bugs.

1.0.3 – rev. 3543

  • Bug with profile switching and key assignment.
  • Playing after competing a marathon started wrong level.
  • Fixed a bug when returning to menu after credits or bonus level.
  • Fixed crash when highscore files got too large.

1.0.4 – rev. 3551

  • Fixed bug in moving grid, where doors kept closed.

1.0.5 – rev. 3659

  • Level was entered in passive mode, when playing in non competition mode after watching a ghost.
  • Fixed bug when switching profile and displaying options afterwards.
  • Fixed double controller button mapping after edited in options.
  • Fixed cave drop crash on PPC macs.
  • Deleted non intended shortcuts in the levels Break Them All and Stoned.
  • Fixed easy killing stones in Spin Circle.

1.1.0 – rev. 4165

  • Fixed exploit that made it possible to submit non valid highscores.
  • Submitting highscores only possible with the newest version from now on.

1.1.1 – rev. 5516

  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Only one score per user is shown in the highscores.

1.1.2 – rev. 5696

  • Fixed broken achievement: Cheater.

1.1.3 – rev. 5710

  • Fixed a problem appearing on Macs with case sensitive file systems.

1.1.4 – rev. 5504a

  • Fixed a bug where the screen stayed black on startup.

by mml (Source)

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