Chibi-Robo! (GC)

Invisible Waterfall Ledge

If you fall or float down (with the Chibi-Copter) above the waterfall, you will land on a an invisible ledge just above the little notch/cave where the Frog Ring is placed.

Questions & Theories: Is the invisible platform still there when the waterfall has been shut off?

by Vaughn

No Fall Damage

When turning on the Chibi-Radar, it moves you forward very slightly. If you are standing near an edge and activate the radar, you may fall down during the starting radar animation. During this fall, you will not take any damage and will fall to the ground nearly instantly.

by BOB74j (Video)

Sloped Surface Collision Issues

Depending on how you land on a sloped surface, it is possible to land “inside” of it after using your Chibi-Copter. It is easy to do this while landing on the Foyer stair railing. If you move around, you will eventually fall through the surface. In the case of the railing, you will fall on to the stairs.

by Vaughn

Chibi-Copter Fall Bug

Unknown Causes: While using your Chibi-Copter, it is possible to fall fast at first, instead of gliding down gracefully like what is the expected behavior when falling with the Chibi-Copter equipped.

by Zinkr7 (Video)

Door Entrance Camera Bug

When entering a door/entrance while in the air, the game will drop your camera back down to the ground like how the game is expecting you to enter from. It is possible to do this on a variety of doors using the Chibi-Copter.

by Zinkr7 (Video) and Vaughn

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