Really Big Sky (PC)

Uploading Score Timeout

The MySQL server that stores the scores for Really Big Sky appears to be unresponsive/down or malfunctioning. It is unknown when this will be addressed.

by Vaughn

Performance Issues

Many players have reported unplayable amounts of graphics lag and frames per second while playing the game (even when being in the menus). The developer has stated several times that he has not been able to track down this issue enough to solve it for good yet. Disabling the graph via the option does help, but on many very high-end machines, the game remains unplayable.

by Vaughn

Possible Resolution Glitch

Really Big Sky (PC) - Resolution Bug

Really Big Sky (PC) - Resolution Bug

Questions & Theories: It has been suggested by a commentator in the source that changing the resolution down will solve this issue. It is unknown if this is the case or not.

by Trivial Man (Source)

Comprehensive Fixes List

4.06 – October 15th, 2012

  • Fixed a movement bug introduced in the last patch
  • Fixed a bug that stopped multiplayer games from working correctly
  • Fixed a bug with the Options glow effect when more than 9 songs have been unlocked
  • Fixed name of “Starbits” on the library

4.05 – September 17th, 2012

  • Fixed rare bug that reset crosshair and keyboard options
  • Engine optimisation
  • Fixed some awful typos
  • Fixed a multiplayer respawning bug on Peaceful Mode
  • Fixed a bug when selecting Perks in Plus Mode

4.04 – April 4th, 2012

  • Fixed a menu transition bug on the options screen
  • Fixed a rapid respawn bug on Boss 4
  • Possible fix for some option data resetting

4.03 – March 6th, 2012

  • Increased performance on some machines
  • Fixed a bug with Boss 4 that stopped the game from continuing
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the Laser and Barricade Event from occurring

4.02 – February 28th, 2012

  • Further optimizations
  • Fixed a bug that stopped narration on death
  • Fixed a Jukebox selection bug

 February 27th, 2012

  • Fixed a bug that disabled the volume setting
  • Typo’s have ben fixd
  • Increased memory efficiency
  • Fixed “Standing in the Swamp of Freaks with a Toad Named Keiran” not displaying on the Options unlock graphic

Previous Update

  • Fixed a graphic positioning bug with the upgrade highlighter
  • Fixed a bug when using the mouse to leave the upgrade screen would buy a Wing Cannon upgrade
  • Improved the way resolutions are set
  • Fixed a bug where Cascade Events weren’t ending on death
  • Fixed a stat issue where boss kills contributed to the number of spawned motherships
  • Fixed a bug where the background colouriser wouldn’t show up on other modes after Retro Remix
  • Fixed a bug that caused some new games to get stuck on a message screen
  • Fixed a bug to stop narration when player dies in tutorial

by Vaughn (Source)

Fixed: Below is a comprehensive list of fixed and patched issues.

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