Diablo III (PC) (MAC)

Boneweave Hauberk Exploit

Fixed: When a Boneweave Hauberk chest armor item is placed on the ground, it becomes a collision mask for players and monsters. Using this glitch, you are able to trap monsters behind them and attack them with ranged attacks and abilities.

by snowslider (Source) and SickaGaming (Video)

Command Post Cage Bug

Unknown Causes: During the Act II quest, The Road to Alcarnus in the Khasam Outpost, you must kill all the demons and then rescue the prisoners from the cages; however, for unknown reasons, sometimes the cages will already be open but the quest marker will remain incomplete. You will need to leave the game and restart this portion to fix this.

by Vaughn

Increases Attack Speed (IAS) Bug

Fixed: Items with the “Increases Attack Speed” property do not give extra attack speed; however, items affixed with “Attack Speed Increased” work as intended. Some users have reported that their “Increases Attack Speed” items now work, while others are still experiencing this issue.

by Posivated (Source) and NovA (Source)

Mystery Reflection

A graphical glitch that has spawned many conspiracy theories and credit towards the possibility of their being an alternate reality game contained within Diablo III. There was many who said that this could not possibly be a glitch. As you can see, this player noticed a reflection in the river (which seems to tie in to previous clues located in poems as found to be connected to the secret level’s music):

Diablo III - River Reflection Glitch

Diablo III - River Reflection Glitch

However, as many pointed out, the reflection seems to be coming from the character selection screen. You can see 2 characters, and a cross-like object which actually turns out to be the flag banner without a flag present, as illustrated below:

Diablo III - River Reflection Glitch

In order to try to prove this was a glitch, I first tried to mock-up the character screen over the original water image to see if they lined up, and as I thought – they did perfectly (minus the flag on the banner). Next, I stumbled across a value in D3Prefs.txt called “ReflectionQuality”. If you set this from 0 to 3 (and possibly other values), you can easily replicate the glitch as I show here:

Reflection Mystery Debunk

by Southman (Source), OminousLatinWord (Source), and Vaughn

Auction Issues

Either due to lag, connectivity inconsistencies, or other bugs, there are many auction issues. Some of these include:

1. Selling 11 of 10

Fixed: It is possible to appear to be selling 11 items in the auction; however, when reviewing your selling list, it may only show 10 items. Other times, you truly will have 11 items being sold. I have been unable to replicate this intentionally.

Diablo III - Auction Bug

2. Items/Gold Missing

Fixed (mostly): Due to the increased traffic and networking issues, there may be some instances of your items and/or gold not showing up in your send to stash listing. Blizzard has stated that it may in fact several days for these transactions to complete and show up properly.

3. Vendor Items

Fixed: You cannot list equipped items that have been bought from a vendor.

by Vaughn

Shatterbone Exploit

You are able to exploit a collision bug with Shatterbone, a mini-boss in Act 2 by running past him. He will become stuck at the entrance to the prisoner camp/village as shown in this video:

by Kripparrian (Video)

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