RLH: Run Like Hell (PS2) (Xbox)

Also known as Run Like Hell: Hunt or Be Hunted or RLH.

Animation Glitches

  1. If you hit/melee a Cutter enemy while they are still in the landing animation from falling from the ceiling, they will freeze, then a second later, they will appear directly on the ground.
  2. When going up up down ladders, after a couple of seconds you can notice the hands and/or feet no longer lining up with the rungs of the ladder which will become more and more out of sync as you progress.

by Vaughn

Decal Transparency (Xbox)

Unknown Causes: During normal gameplay, some textures/decals that have transparency may appear to have solid and non-opaque backgrounds, thus not blending properly into to the textures to sit on. This most commonly happened to alien scratches, blood splatters, the logo on the main menu screen, and behind the “Loading…” text on the loading menu during a play-through.

This may only effect running this game on Xbox 360; however, is unconfirmed if this bug effects play-throughs using a Xbox or PlayStation 2/3.

by Vaughn

Brute Freeze

While firing the blow torch as the robot, you will be able to freeze the Brute in place indefinitely, as long as you keep firing the blow torch at him.

by Vaughn

Console Control

Unknown Causes: You may be able to select/control consoles and computers through walls and far away by pressing the use key in their direction. I have had this happen by clicking on a water fountain in Chapter 1, near the Gravity Chamber on the console that controls the robot.

by Vaughn

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