Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure (Wii)

Zack & Wiki in Space

In the video below, Zack & Wiki are shown slowly floating higher and higher into the sky, until eventually, Zack starts swimming in the air and gradually begins descending into a pool of water.

Not shown in the video; this is accomplished by jumping into the pool of water where the lion and Fishing Rod were and then rapidly clicking somewhere between the vine and rock pedestal. Eventually, this will cause Zack to float as shown in the video. You can also descend/swim back into the pool.

by NintendoGamersOnline (Video), DopeMasterTang (Source)

Keeper of the Ice Loop Crash

Unconfirmed: You can get caught in a permanant loop on the Keeper of the Ice level if you start climbing the ladder right when Jeeves gets to Zack and tries to sweep him up. Keep pressing “A” and after about 5 seconds it tries to go into the death screen, but Jeeves just keeps sweeping and doesn’t actually kill Zack. At this point, no buttons will work, not even the “Home” button which may point to an actual game crash.

by Wulelendamuwi (Source)

Stuck in Lava

Unknown Causes: While getting off the machine to cross the bridge in the level,  “Relics of the Past”, the video creator found themselves in the lava at the bottom of the level.

by bluej33 (Video)

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